Error When Running Scan

Trying to initialize a scan on Spiderfoot and am running into the error-

"unhandled exception ( BaseException) encountered during scan. Please report this as a bug: [‘Traceback (most recent call last):\n’, ’ File “/opt/spiderfoot/spiderfoot-2.3.0/”, line’ 159, in startScan\n self.ts.config[’_internettlds’])\n, ’ File “opt/spiderfoot/spiderfoot-2.3.0/”, line 82, in optValueToData\n self.error("Unable to open option URL, " + val + “.”)\n, ’ File “opt spiderfoot/spiderfoot-2.3.0/”, line 118, in error\n raise BaseException("Internal Error Encountered: " + error)\n’, ‘BaseException: Internal Error Encountered: Unable to open option URL, \n’]

Have been trying to find solutions online with no success. Please inform as to how to fix this issue. Hope to hear from support soon. Thanks in advance!

First, that looks like a pretty old version of SpiderFoot! I suggest you try the latest version (3.2 at the time of writing) available on Github.

Otherwise, the issue is likely that it cannot connect to to download the file listed. Ensure that SpiderFoot has an Internet connection and can reach that website, or it won’t be able to download that file which prevents it from starting a scan.

Followed your advice and just grabbed the new version on github. Now I am running into a problem before I can even open the file in the form of-

 File "", line 156 
        log.critical(f"Modules directory does not exist: {mod_dir}")

syntaxerror: invalid syntax

Looking for solutions online as we speak. Hope to hear from you soon

Looks like you aren’t running Python 3.8 - give that a shot and you should be fine.

Thank you very much. Just had to change my default python version.