Norton Connectsafe module

Hi everyone,

A monitor generates some new data elements regarding the “Norton ConnectSafe” module. The internet tells me “Norton ConnectSafe” retired its service in 2018. I am also unable to lookup the module from within the Spiderfoot HX interface (modules) or from the Spiderfoot website at the modules section.

I would like to know where the data elements are coming from and what config possibilitys I have from within the Spiderfoot HX interface regardring the module. For example disable the module in a scan profile.

Can you give me some info? Thanks in advance!


Just a little update. I did find the ability to disable the module from within the scan config itself where you are able to enable or disable certain modules. I assumed all available modules are visible from the configure >> module section but this isn’t the case.

That’s correct - not all modules have configurable options, so just because they aren’t in the Configure->Modules section, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You can find all available modules in the New Scan screen, or when configuring a Scan Profile.

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